Jaime CV

Jaime Hernández was born in La Palma and moves to Tenerife to study hairdressing, being this a vocational profession with which he was born. After completing his studies, he starts gaining wide experience through specialized courses and work in different hair salons, acquiring his mature experience when stablishing his own hair salon known as La Troupe.

In 1989 he begins his international adventures, travelling to Milan. In Italy he works for different model agencies like Ricardo Gay, Fashion Models, Major Models, Christian Jacques, Why not, Eye for I… This experience offers Jaime the opportunity to broaden his field, a complete training in hairdressing and make-up that enriches him, arriving once again in Tenerife with new perspectives.He keeps developing his technique in the fashion world, both in the Canary Islands and abroad, working for modelling agencies and production companies such as; Olé Group, Bookeer Models, Volcano Films, Emotion Cooking, Landing Zone Production, SunnyDay and High Models. Also, emphasizing on the various collaborations in production projects by Colectivo Tenerife Moda (Tenerife Fashion Collective) that belongs to Tenerife’s Insular Council. All of this work is a result of the cohesion of different professionals from a variety of sectors, such as photographers like: Alberto Van Stokum, Raul Zimmi, Peter Schreider, John Higginson, Benny Valtson, Livio Mancinelli, Gianpiero Gastaldi, Tobi Carrasco, Nahoko Spies, Luis Malibrán, Soren Sokaier, Darío Aldanese, Bernardo Doral, Ricardo Canino, Andrea Russo, Michael k h Wong, Germán Alemán, amongst others. Highlighting numerous editorials published in both national and international magazines like Elle, Condé Nast Traveler, Yo Dona, Hola, Vogue Bambini, Giogia, More and Next One Magazine. Currently, Jaime finds himself developing projects in mainly three different cities: Tenerife, Madrid and Paris. This last one, city of the light, becoming a very important place for him as it has completely captivated his soul.

Jaime’s enthusiastic character, his creative capacity and his interdisciplinary ability has made of him a great hairdressing and make-up professional, always getting a bit further. Jaime has also entered the world of fashion as a designer with headdresses, hats, and other accessories, becoming these an important element of his own styling jobs and for the elaboration of very original images that always intends to transcend to the camera. His eagerness for learning has taken him to assist numerous seminars and courses that motivate and help him remain at the top of his sector. Constant travelling abroad is of vital importance for Jaime.